Our Story

Cultural identity refers to the shared values, norms, and practices that define us as communities of individuals, often linked by history, ethnicity, lineage, political and ideological beliefs. 

Regardless of our country of residence, we all keep our cultural heritage and unique ancestral stories proudly stamped in our hearts and never miss an opportunity to share them with others. Hence, HERITAG. 

HERITAG is a one-of-a-kind, scannable apparel brand that lets everyone of us proudly wear and share our unique ethnic identities, histories, and cultural heritages. By displaying ethnic and historic flag designs, HERITAG's mission is to promote and celebrate diversity. It is conceived to educate others about our distinct ethnic identities and cultural backgrounds in a fun and interactive way by simply scanning a unique QR code stamped at the back of each piece. This is what really sets HERITAG apart.


We are passionate about preserving and celebrating history, cultural identity and social heritage, and we believe that every piece of clothing we wear or gift item that we offer should tell a unique and culturally relevant story that transcends borders, connects hearts, and spreads pride and joy. 

HERITAG... Celebrating cultures